1- Introduction:

a. These conditions define the base which used by unified Company to transfer commercial goods to the countries which they want to freight to or from by Overland, air, or sea or to the countries they have representatives in them or to those they have branches in them.
b. These conditions includes all shipment operations organized or contracted by unified Company, or by one of its branches, or by a representative for them And the shipment country considered as a choice for the company center or grant Legislation right to any court.
c. If the cargo stops at the evacuation port or outside of the shipment country the unified Company does not bear any responsibility for the delay or the damage may be occur to the cargo?
d. They can transfer goods through transit areas or stop in overland or sea where unified Company considers it is convenient and unified Company is authorized to designate contractors or branches representatives to perform services and propulsion cargo affairs and each of them has the right to utilize these conditions.

2- Service Domain:

Unless it hasn’t agreed for any special services, the services of unified Company are just cargo, transportation, clearance or cargo delivery.

3- unified Company has the right to refuse any cargo sent to the

4- For shipping for reasons related by the company because unified Company is not a public shipper.

5- Cargo Conditions:

4.1. Sender or receiver bear the expenditures for any heavy or big parcels ,packages, or Containers which they need special devices for uploading or downloading and the Payment must be at once when the cargo is delivered or when it delivered at the target Country.
4.2. Declaration of the value of the cargo according to a bill to determine the fee of the Freight and if it is not declared the cargo will be consider as ordinary cargo and the Package value will not exceed 25$.
4.3. The cargo should not include any dangerous or prohibited materials and should not include expensive materials such as (jewelries, artistic works, gold, silver, currencies, Seals, or weapons).
4.4. The cargo should not include any materials that form a danger on human beings, Transportation devices, animals, or in public anything the law prohibits its Transportation.
4.5. The sender bear the responsibility for the complete declaration of cargo that he wish to ship by unified company and all the details of cargo can conclude the related information about materials and goods and  customs can be informed about this declaration in details in transit or target country.
4.6. Senders or their representatives have to package and fill the goods and deliver it to unified Company’s store. Unified Company is not responsible for any damage occurs to cargo consequent customs' detection, or evacuating the cargo and re-uploading it for re-exporting or transits it across any country.
4.7. Material which needs special conditions to freight can transport according to a special agreement and by the approval of the senders and according to the agreement and its prices such as materials which expose to decay.
4.8. unified company has the right to cease delivery of any cargo according to the sender request whether it was due to a mistake in the address or modification of the final receiver and that doesn’t mean his right to redeliver cargo to anyone unless he inform the first receiver and getting his approval and losing his right in cargo according to an official letter and an agreement among all the parties of cargo.
4.9. Cargo can be returned to the sender if there are any conflicts with the receiver. Unified Company is not obligated to return the cargo if the customs' law of the receiver's country doesn't allow of that or the sender's country. The sender can define another receiver and the sender or the receiver bear the expenditures consequent of that.
4.10. If unified Company has the right to stop the cargo for any reason it has the right to return the cargo to the sender according to convenient customs’ laws.
4.11. Unified company has the right to open and inspect any cargo whether by scanning or ordinary inspection in any time whether it before or after the freight and the sender is responsible for incorrect declaration of the cargo.

6- customs' clearance and commercial services:

5.1.  Unified Company bears the responsibility of presenting complete documents to clear cargos. unified company play the role of sender’s proxy to do the clearance unless there is another agreement in the case of big complete cargo which request to designate a customs’ broker to who perform the clearance and for that it is assumed the pre-knowledge of sender to designate a defined customs’ broker who has to perform the clearance without any responsibility except offering the bills of lading which are originally known.
5.2. To get the unified Company rights.  Sender or receiver bears any infractions or customs’ fines whether they were during the transit or when they reach the target country for unreal declaration of cargo or for specifications related to commercial cheats or for non conforming to standard specifications or for trespassing commercial marks.
5.3. Deserved prices must be paid at once during the clearance and according to the interest of unified Company. unified company has the right to reserve the cargo  in case of nonpayment and following all measures to get the debt according to laws of sender’s or receiver’s country, and the sender or the receiver has to bear all expenditures and infractions which related of that, and any unpaid price is still deserved.
5.4. For uncontrolled circumstances whether the disorder was in overland, sea, or air due to the worse of weather, fires, floods, wars, conflicts, governmental decisions, or other such as customs, unified company doesn’t bear any responsibility for delay or occurred damages except according to assurance limits which defined by authorized assurance companies, but unified company will do all practical steps in case of the beginning or continuing of cargo.
5.5. Receiver has to receive his cargo immediately and paying deserved prices and if the receiver fail to pay on time the sender bear all related expenditures according the company estimating, and the cargo doesn't delivered before the payment, and if the receiver need to delay the delivery more than four days he will pay a storing expenditure does not exceed than 2 $ per m3 in addition to porters and transportation expenditures according to receiver country.
5.6. Unified Company is responsible of collecting the anti-paid cargo values whether it is in local currency or in the delivery bill currency when they deliver the cargo to the receiver taking into consideration differences of currency prices according to paying country. Unified Company doesn’t bear any responsibility if the receiver doesn’t deliver the cargo; taking into consideration giving time to change the receiver or sender name, and one of them will bear the related expenditures.
5.7. Sender and receiver can get a compensation doesn’t exceed more than foretimes of the fee of freight and clearance if there is a loss in the cargo or in parts of it consequent of uncontrolled reasons and If there is no a special agreement related to cargo between unified company and sender or receiver, but if there is an agreement they will conform its rules, in addition to that unified company is not responsible of any loss, damage, or delay in delivery.
5.8. The responsibility of unified company can be contracted in this domain if the pretender (or any other person has the right to allege) or if he contribute in any loss or damage or delay.
5.9. Sender and receiver bear all the expenditure related to withdrawing and re-exporting goods according to official bills are added to agreed value for cargo and clearance, in case of delivering of goods in free zones or customs zones or receiving bills of lading to clear it
6. Customs’ data:
Client has right to request an image of custom's data for target country, and it contains goods in details and relying on customs' authority values if the client mention a specific values for his goods we have to tell him at the delivery and maybe changing the price of cargo according to that.

7. Cargo delivery:

7.1. Unified Company or its representative deliver the cargo to the person whose name is mentioned of the delivery document or to any other person has an authority to accept the delivering cargo in deputy of receiver.
7.2. Unified Company or its representative uses an auto tool to get the evidence of delivering and the sender or receiver must approve to not object because of relying on a printed issue of the evidence because it is evidence based on certain information stored by computer or by writing in receiver country.
7.3. Sender and receiver must approve using of unified company or its representatives for receiver receipt operation and the irresponsibility of unified company of any partial loss in cargo or any damages of decay after delivering to receiver, and the receiver has the right to object during the delivering operation and according to an official document between receiver and unified company or its representatives.
7.4. Receipt of cargo by the receiver disclaims sender and receiver from claiming and whatsoever it is kind whether it was a partial loss in cargo or decay or damages for examples.
7.5. Sender company or receiver company has the right to object and ask for cargo after 60 days from the freight date and this is by an official address followed the previously mentioned rules in according to partial complete loss of cargo or decay, and GLOBAL UNITED CARGO company has to reply explaining delay reasons and if they are not uncontrolled reasons then unified company will bear the responsibility of cargo value according to the agreement of delivering and limitations of bear according to assurance contract and according to the previous rules.
7.6. Pre-agreement about boxing method, enveloping tools, provided boxes and their prices which fit each kind of cargo or goods.

8. Instruction of cargo and transportation of expensive materials such as gold, watches, diamonds, etc which are allowed to transport in the country of sender and receiver according to applied laws in each country.

8.1. Cargo operations for these materials subject to special agreements and conditions determined before execution of cargo operation and they are subject to the laws of exporting and importing country, and the mission of unified company is limited in ordering of cargo operations and clearance and special assurance for that cargo in exporting country from all sides, and the responsibility of assurance against all dangers with an assurance company in the exporting country.
8.2. Ordering, boxing and enveloping of materials according to pre-agreed conditions and with the presence of cargo senders or their representatives and the representative of unified Company and a deputy of customs in the exporting country if it is possible. Performing of closing of enveloping devices with a presence of the responsible of receiving and delivering of mentioned cargo according to a special instructions from the cargo contract in all details.
8.3. Sender bear extra expenditures if the cargo requires a special measures for securing cargo and to deliver it to the importing country such as sending a deputy of company in a companion of the cargo as an example not as a limitation and this perform according to primary contract between unified company and sender.
8.4. All cargo operations for these materials are by air through flight companies defined by unified company and with methods which they found convenient according to exporting country laws
8.5. The responsibility of unified company is finished immediately when the cargo reach to the received airport and when they delivered to customs of importing country with a presence of the receiver or his representative and contract terms according to receiving country laws.

9. Law  and trials:
Governor Law, these conditions subject to the laws of loading port country.